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Wildhorse Gallery

Artist Profile

Ben Nighthorse Campbell

For over fifty years, Northern Cheyenne artist Ben Nighthorse has created beautiful, award winning jewelry designs using the finest gemstones and metals.

Ben Nighthorse moved to Tokyo in 1960 to Train for the 1964 Olympic games, where he captained the U. S. Olympic Judo Team. In Japan, his interest in metal working grew when he studied under Samurai sword makers. He began to develop techniques of laminating metals and jewelry designs which were heavily influenced by his time in the Asian culture. This can be seen today in his world- class work.

After he moved back to the United States, he and his wife, Linda, became champion horse trainers. His love of horses, and animals in general, helped him to create new, innovative designs. Native Americans often believe that a person can inherit some of an animal’s virtues by wearing an image of it. That is one reason why noble animals have always played and important role in Nighthorse’s designs.

Ben Nighthorse also started to focus on using finer materials in his jewelry which were more desired by his European collectors. He uses only the finest natural gemstones, and insists on using 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Today, Nighthorse’s work stands apart from so much jewelry made with lesser materials.
If you own a piece, you’ll understand why it is in such demand.

Colin Campbell, Nighthorse’s son and a master jeweler in his own right, manages the family business and works with his father to create the unique jewelry that bears the name of “Nighthorse”.


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