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Kathryn Vinson
Poppin' Poppies
Poppin' Poppies


Kathryn Vinson's sculptures are an expression of her love of nature carved into stone and wood, materials that lend themselves to unique one-of-a-kind designs.
The wonders of plant, insect and animal that can be found in a garden, and the beauty of the human form, are her primary inspirations. Each piece is shaped through direct carving so that her intent is melded with the original structure of the wood or stone. She spends a great deal of time searching out that perfect piece of material for her sculptures and they always have to have that "special something" that gives her work a spark of life.

Kathryn grew up in Buena Vista, CO, an ideal place for a young artist, as it has a thriving artist community that encouraged and mentored her from a young age. Kathryn attended UNC and majored in art with an emphasis on painting. After marrying, she moved to Idaho where she continued to draw and paint. She was introduced to stone carving at the Marble/Marble symposium in Marble, Colorado, and has had a passion for the process of sculpting ever since. She attends professional symposiums across the country and has been a working, professional artist since 2004, showing at The Art Source Gallery in Idaho and attending shows across the West and Northwest. Her sculptures can be found in many prominent collections including a permanent installation at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. She has lived and worked in Loveland, Colorado, since 2012 and is happy to be living in such a vibrant community of artists.

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