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Erika Van Dewark
Forest Guardians
Forest Guardians


In 1980 Erika Van Dewark began creating beautifully carved images in hand-blown crystal and architectural glass. After serving a six-month apprenticeship in a northern California glass studio, she continued her work with the US National Park and Forest Service as a ranger for another five years before opening a studio of her own.

As a little girl, her summers were spent in Ireland, where a deep love for horses and other animals first began. Her years of living in the wilderness and observing wildlife in their natural habitats are often reflected in her work.

Though flora and fauna are the predominant subjects, the range of her designs and imagery are quite vast. Representing works from many of the major design periods, such as the Baroque and Rococo periods, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, the Impressionist and Modern periods are also included as a part of her repertoire.

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