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Garland Weeks, NSS
Between Broncs III
Between Broncs III


"Art allows us to be more than mere primates with car keys! Public displays of art...let people join hand-in-hand with artists and emerge from the jungles of concrete, asphalt, and carbon monoxide and enter a world of beauty, imagination, and tremendous creativity."

In 1999 - 2000, Garland Weeks unveiled a larger than life size "Astronaut" at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, Kansas; a life-size boy and dog representing the literary favorite "Old Yeller", and a half life-size doctor and child for the Texas Medical Association in Austin.

"Sculptor of the West", Garland Weeks, is an award-winning member and past president of the Texas Cowboy Artists Association. He calls himself "a representational sculptor of the West, trying to capture the character and the characters of the West, both past and present." He states, "The West, with its unique brand of people and places, is what I know best and love most. Hopefully, my sculpture transmits this love for, and understanding of my chosen subjects." With sculpture in the permanent collection of Buckingham Palace in London, the artist-member-for-life of the prestigious Mountain Oyster Club in Tucson, and member of the National Academy of Western Art, Weeks has certainly realized that goal.

Garland Weeks has a degree in agricultural economics and both collegiate and professional rodeo experience, bringing first-hand knowledge of cowboy life to his works. Articulate as well as artistic, Weeks and co-members of the Texas Cowboy Artists Association wrote and illustrated a western art book, The Texas Cowboy. Since the inception of the "Sculpture in the Park" show in 1984, he has shown his bronzes every year at the event in Loveland, Colorado. His artistic merits have also been recognized by his selection for membership in the National Sculpture Society.

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