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Barry Zawacki
Simplicity is at the core of my philosophy and approach to painting and ceramics. I strive to maintain and express the inherent aesthetic qualities in each media.

In my painting and pottery, the visual relationships of color, proportions, and form are the primary focus. I seek to create harmony and tensions through varied use of these elements. The philosophy that "less is more" encompasses inate challenges and delicate balances which can be easily destroyed through a lack of conviction to the strength of a simple visual statement.

My work in both media is very direct. Visual clutter, social innuendo, and psychological metaphor play no role in my personal interpretation of visual images or forms. My work allows itself to open for interpretaion by the viewer. I have always been excited by the simple beauty of color relationships and purity of form. Through my work, I attempt to convey those perceptions.

BA in Art Education- University of Northern Colorado
Master in Fine Arts - University of Denver
Extensive post-graduate studies in Illustration and Ceramics at Parson's School of Design, Workshops and Residencies at Benninton College, Montclair State University, and the Anderson Snowmass Colorado. For 27 years, the artist has been a professional painter, potter and art educator.

Located Downtown at 802 Lincoln Avenue
PO Box 770879, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

970-879-5515   or   970-819-2850