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Cheri Cappello
Knows the Night - Northern Cheyenne Ceremonial Shirt
Knows the Night - Northern Cheyenne Ceremonial Shirt

Fine Native American and Western Art

The connection and deep reverence that Cheri feels for our Native people began as a child.

Cheri was born and raised on a large cattle and sheep ranch in the Northwest Colorado high country. Many hours were spent exploring the ancient encampments and burial grounds on the family's ranch. She collected artifacts and arrowheads while working the ranch. Her respect and kinship grew through the years and were fueled with education and involvement with the Native people. At the same time Cheri learned the art of running trap lines and tanning and preparing skins and furs from her grandfather. Her early years also found her hunting and fishing and living the western ranch lifestyle. This taught her the value of nature, animal life and the bond that runs between man and the land. She learned the importance of balance between these.

It seemed only natural that Cheri would create art that would demonstrate her love for the Native Americans, the land, and a lost way of life. Each one of her pieces is a one-of-a-kind museum quality works. They are historically true to the 1800's circa warshirts, wedding dresses, and child's clothing. The striking works are created by hand using elk and buckskin. They are painstakingly brought to life with fine beadwork and authentic adornments. The result is a powerful statement of our Native American culture.

You can find Cheri's work in public and private collections across the country and in Europe, Africa, and Australia. She is represented by many fine galleries, and has won numerous awards at prestigious national and international shows.
Cheri currently owns and operates a ranch in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and children. Cheri's artwork is her way of honoring and demonstrating her respect for our Native American heritage.

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