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Erin O'Connor
Where The Answer Is Yes
Where The Answer Is Yes

Oil Painting

There is something luxurious about watching the morning light expand and the shadows move across the land, and having the opportunity to paint all of that and more. In the early 1980s OConnors well-meaning parents persuaded her to major in anthropology in college. But after spending summers working in Yellowstone National Park, she took a job in Jackson, WY working for a professional artist. I was interested in art from the time I was a child and always painted, but it wasnt until I took that job that I became aware of all of the great artists who painted the places I love. He introduced me to the work of historic artists like the Taos 10, and suddenly I became aware that there were so many western artists who painted outdoors, directly from nature. I became hooked on plein air painting...there was no reason to pursue anything else.

My other studio is in the back of my truck. All my painting gear is in there, along with my sleeping bag, camp stove, water, clothes, and food. I love driving off to participate in long plein air events. There is a certain zen to living within the environment Im painting. The solitary, meditative aspects only enhance the experience.

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