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Curtis Zabel
Checking the Breeze
Checking the Breeze


Born in 1935, Curtis Zabel has spent a life time on his ranch raising cattle. A deep love for the outdoors and his western heritage have been the main inspirations for his bronzes.

Curtis Zabel's historic ranch, along the Elk River in the lush Yampa Valley of Northwestern Colorado, is so picturesque, it has appeared in numerous paintings and has served as the site of workshops by well known artist such as Clyde Aspevig, Joe Bohler, Bill Reese, and Ned Jacob. But it is the authenticity of Zabel's own bronze sculpture that has earned him numerous awards and an enthusiastic following among connoisseurs of Western Art.

In his art, Zabel strives to be a perfectionist. "I want my sculpture to look alive, to be convincing in its movement. I like to put in bits of humor, which I find even in the sad parts of life."

There is an urgency in Zabel's passion for his subject matter; a growing realization that with the double threat of development and rising costs of running a ranch, his may indeed be a vanishing lifestyle. But there is a certainty in Zabel's mind that it won't be forgotten, the truth of ranching life as he has lived it is captured convincingly in bronze.

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